I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Texas A&M University.  

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My research primarily concerns analytic metaphysics and philosophy of religion.  

  • In metaphysics, I write about the nature of objects and their properties. On the property side, I'm interested in the debate between those who take properties to be universals and those who take properties to be tropes. On the substance side, I'm interested in the debate between bundle theories and substance-attribute theories.

  • In philosophy of religion, I write about God's relationship to creatures and their properties. I am particularly interested in the nature of creaturely properties and powers in a world sustained by God, creaturely uniqueness and the individuative power of divine love, the problem of evil, and the compatibility of freedom and impeccability.

I received my Ph.D in 2009 from the University of Notre Dame.  My dissertation advisor was Michael Loux and my committee included Alvin Plantinga, Michael Rea, and Peter van Inwagen

Feel free to contact me if you are visiting College Station and want to grab coffee.

I enjoy collaborative projects, so please get in touch if you have an idea.


  • for A&M students: profgarcia at tamu dot edu

  • for offical A&M-related matters: robertgarcia at tamu dot edu

  • for everyone else: robertkgarcia at gmail dot com