Philosophical Resources on C.S. Lewis


Many philosophers* have written about and/or taught courses on C. S. Lewis and his friends (the Inklings).  The aim of this page is to provide a convenient place to find these philosophical resources.

*Who counts as a "philosopher"?  For the sake of this list, I wish to use a fairly loose definition:  by "philosopher" I roughly mean someone who has academic training in contemporary philosophy, has a graduate degree in philosophy, teaches in a philosophy department, etc.

This is a work in progress and I would be grateful for any suggestions concerning material that might be added (or removed!).  Please send your comments to me at robertkgarcia at gmail dot com

Resources for Doing Philosophical Research on Lewis:

Resources for Teaching Philosophy Courses on Lewis:

  • Syllabi / syllabuses of philosophy courses on Lewis or the Inklings (to be added)
  • Anecdotes, quotes, etc. from Lewis's life or writing that are interesting/useful for teaching on Lewis (to be added)